Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy Nurse's Week Finale !!

As Nurses Week 2014 Comes to A Close.... I again wanted to wish all of my Fellow Nurses out there a truly Blessed Life....This is my "Loralie"  Nurse stamp that I have enjoyed for a few years now... I never get tired of the memories of wearing an ALL WHITE UNIFORM and a CAP !!  It felt like it was such a great PRIVILEGE to be able to wear my whites. As a little girl, I looked up to Nurse "Mary" who was always so professional and starched as she worked in my doctor's office. I wanted to be just like her... Well, I finally made it there in 1978, and was joyfully wearing white for several years until the hospitals succumbed to the whining and crying from nurses who wanted to wear colored scrubs. Things were never the same after that. 
As I begin to think about retiring in about 2 years, I thought I would use my Spectrum Noir pens to color her with "Grey" hair this time...and an inside sentiment that says " We Old Nurses Never Die" ....We just Lose Our Patients ! " 

~ Smiles and Blessings to All !!     ~   Barbara

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