Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Happy Mother's Day to All !!

Happy Mother's Day to All ! 

           I have been a little slow on the Blog lately, but I am trying to get caught up a bit. This is a Mother's Day card I made for my Mother-in-Law, and I can show it to you because she does not have a computer and does not Blog. Therefore even though it is in the mail to her, it will not ruin her surprise .  

        I used Graphic 45's new "Botanical Tea" papers to make this card, along with some others items from my stash...  I embellished the insides of the card with stickers and other items from the collection, along with blue vellum paper in the center. I wanted it to be beautiful inside and out !
The inside page has a "pocket" with a pull-out card, telling her Happy Mother's Day and that her gift is a subscription to her favorite magazine. The last page of blue vellum is taped in place with a rectangle of Botanical Tea paper underneath for the sheer beauty of it. Since blue is her favorite color I made the card primarily in shades of blue. 

       Hope you like it !   I will be back next week with some really DIFFERENT cards and a tutorial with pictures , using some Spellbinders dies and Graphic 45 papers !  

     Have a Blessed and Wonderful Mother's Day ~   Barbara


  1. Dear Barbara, thanks for the clue to finding your blog, even though it was literally right under my nose,duh!
    I think this card is gorgeous. I love the colors and design, a truly beautiful card.
    yenpeso - Judy Moye