Sunday, January 12, 2014


Hello Fellow Cricut Fans !! 

        Have you seen it ? !   Did you get one of the " mysterious" emails from Provocraft this week ?  Check your InBox. Provocraft is in the middle of moving their warehouses to California over the next 2 weeks. So I doubt that they will release the information before then, but it is possible. 
       Lurking somewhere in the shadows of that BLACK background and a tiny little light, appears to be a brand new Cricut Machine ! 
       I am sure that they will maintain the secret as long as possible. Rumor has it that it is really just a "knock-off" of the Silhouette Brand machine. If so, that is sad and pitiful in my opinion. I hope they actually have something ORIGINAL included in this new machine. I suppose it will be geared toward using the CCR and all DIGITAL FORMAT...which is not my favorite thing. 
        As one of their Wholesale customers it has been very frustrating that they keep this information from us, but I do understand the necessity of having a proper "Marketing Launch".  My only fear is that they will first release it on HSN at a very inflated price (like they have done in the past with their new products) and of course, HSN and PC get to keep all the profits for themselves. They never share it with us until the sales are exhausted with HSN, like they did with all of the Anna Griffin dies and embossing folders. They recently released the "Blue" Cuttlebug machine to us at a high price and also told us that it was mandatory to keep the price at $99. !!  This machine is pretty (if you like blue) but that is the only difference in it and the Green C'Bug. I have not received one single order for this inflated price Cuttlebug and do not expect to get one. They also increased the wholesale price on the Green Cuttlebug v2 so much that we cannot make any profits on them at all. I had to resort to buying my items on Ebay because it was cheaper than buying them wholesale !  
       Of course, I LOVE MY CRICUT and my CUTTLEBUG machines. I also have a Fiskars Fuse that is marvelous. I am actually quite happy to keep using what I already own. But I am as curious as the next crafter to see what Provocraft has lurking in the shadows. I also know that I have enough sense to NOT BUY ONE until the price comes down (and it will ) and they get all the "bugs" worked out of their new "Bug".  For those of you who have been around as long as I have, I should remind you of the great number of problems they had with the IMAGINE MACHINE (which they got you to buy at over $400. on HSN ) and that they have now abandoned, along with the Original Bug, Cricut Create, Original Expression,  Juke Box, Design Studio, Knifty Knitter, and dare I say it ... the YUDU Screen Printer and Yudu Cardshop. They did not care that they talked thousands of people into buying products that they had no intentions of supporting in the future. That is the truth. Also, for those of you who are CHARTER MEMBERS of the CRICUT CIRCLE - I don't have to tell you about the disappointment and lies that were told about that.
       Well my friends, the inevitable is about to happen. Some of you have already decided to take the plunge because you cannot be patient. No way. No how. You were born to need instant gratification. It surges through your veins and permeates every cell of your body !  I understand. All I can say to you is you may want to take a trip to your doctor before you order it and get some tranquilizers to help you get through the days and nights of aggravation while you try to force your computer, CCR and your new Cricut Machine to learn to love each other ....and never mind the credit card bills .... Good luck  !! 

UPDATE :  Since writing this last night , I have been able to obtain a picture of part of the machine, which actually looks like it is a GYPSY, and by the Patent Office sketches, it appears to be an Expression type machine with a DETACHABLE GYPSY !!  Sounds expensive huh ?!  Well, we shall soon see what the real story is when PC finally reveals the truth about it.!!  Here is the picture -  and here is the link to read what the US Patent Office has on it -


  1. I'm with you, curious but not going to be buying. There's a few of the machines you listed sitting in my craft room, they won't be getting a new friend any time soon!

  2. I am happy with my new blue Expression (Black Friday Christmas gift) with my older Expression as a back-up and my mini to use with CCR. While I am excited about seeing what the "next new best thing" is, I have no plans to purchase one at launch. I am patient enough to wait and see how well it works in the real world and for the price to drop. Even then, I may not purchase one. I am very happy with the machines I already own and know how to use!

  3. Well said Barb. I have the original expression and a Cricut cake that I've never used (not because I didn't want to life/chemo just got in the way). I will use the cake as a back up if the expression ever quits.

  4. Darn it. I was hoping it would be a tablet-like gypsy. This is going to be an expensive machine!

  5. Looks interesting... I got burned with the Imagine so I will wait and see. Who knows? Maybe I will get enticed ;-)