Tuesday, January 7, 2014

How About Some Blog Candy for Those Cold Wintry Crafting Days ?!

Okay - so I know that many of you are living up in New England or around the Great Lakes or even in Canada..and your freezing your buns off right now, but did you know that the latest WINTER BLAST Has hit FLORIDA ??!!!
Yes - it is true. Over the last few days we have had to run out and cover plants and shrubs, wrap towels around sprinklers and water spouts and turn up the furnace !  Last night it was 28 degrees in Ocala, and tonight is supposed to be below freezing in the wee hours of the morning too.
Uhhhhh....There is something greatly UN-NATURAL about this !!   Ha Ha !!
Here is the real kicker....
By Thursday we are supposed to be back in the low 80's. That's right. What a crazy time of year this is. It is actually very typical of January - February in Central Florida. The cold temps come and go until late February and then it is usually getting to be Spring (with an occasional sudden last frosty night) .
So, I was so inspired by this little set of 2x2" Cuttlebug folders called " WINTER JELLY " that has been around for a long time, but is now retired. Some of the folks who are new to Cuttlebug may not have one of these , and even some of you veterans out there may not have one. This was in the bottom of a box of folders that I recently did inventory on and decided to offer it up to my faithful followers as a gift to help you fight some of the Winter Blues and get you crafting again after the long holiday time off !
I will do a random drawing this Sunday morning when I get up and about -  So if you want your name in the drawing you have to be a member who has signed up with EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS...and leave a comment on this post .... just send me a "hello" and you are entered !
   Many of you are members of the Blog but you have NOT completed the process under the Email setting which is found on the right hand side of the postings...there is a little box there for you to enter your email address. That way you will get these notices in your emails and will not lose out on any of my Blog Candy offerings or the Tutorials I am working on for this year's posts.
  Happy New Year and Happy Crafting Everyone !!  ~  Love, Barbara


  1. LOVE your Cricut circle logo with Mickey in the middle!!
    Cricut and Mickey are 2 of my favorite things!!

  2. Happy new year. It's beautiful here in sunny northern CA. No rain in site, which is not good. Stay warm, it's a good time to stay in and craft


  3. Hi Barb. Thanks for the opportunity to win some blog candy. Hope your New Year is going well.

  4. Thanks for the chance to win what looks like a great set of embossing folders. I am one of those that are up in central michigan enjoying the bitter cold (NOT!). It has been a nice couple days off with the kids but too cold to go out of the house :) We are getting back to a little bit of normal today and back to school.
    Thanks again for the chance to win!

  5. Hey Barb and a very Happy New Year to you and yours. This weather has been so wild here for the past few days...sure glad to be in Florida and to know it is not months of this cold and rain. This is a set of embossing folders that I have never seen before but I think they are so adorable. Thank you for a chance to win and for sharing these with me. Hugs to you Barb ♥

  6. Hi, Barbara! This weather is crazy! With wind chill it was like minus 8 here in NJ. But by weekend it is supposed to in 40s... I don't get it.

  7. Super cute set! Happy New Year to you too! We are having a bit of a warm spell in this part of Montana. The highs have been in the 30's all week! Woot! Woot! Almost coatless temps!

  8. I keep forgetting about the darling little cuttlebug folders, how sweet are these??!! Wouldn't that be fun to get some "happy Mail"!!! Hope you keep warm, too!

  9. I'm signed up for emails! Thanks for the chance to win! Up here in Arkansas, we had single digit temps a few days ago :) Now, it's rainy and 50. Better than below freezing and icing. LOL