Monday, July 6, 2015

Grandmothers Can Brag With GLITTER !!

Okay - I now admit it.... I am now one of those "picture - carrying "  Brag Book Grandmothers ...just like my mother used to be, and I am proud of it !!

Our little sweetheart is officially 2 months old today and she still only weighs about 7 pounds, but this tiny little girl has a lot of power over us !  

My latest craze in crafting is making "ONESIES" with designs on them that I made with Cricut Iron-On material...and here she is showing off her first Fourth of July shirt that I made for her. Also, I made one with Hot Pink Glitter hearts all over it, just for fun !

Get some of this Iron On Glitter and try making some on your Cricut machine. It is sooo easy !!


  1. Congrats Barb. You have every right to brag and should do it often!

  2. OMGosh your grandbaby is AWW-dorable. If I was lucky enough to be a grandma I'd be shouting it from the rooftops so brag away hon. Enjoy every minute of this glorious time!!!
    Thanks for sharing your sweet onesies. CUTE alert.
    Crafty hugs,