Friday, June 12, 2015


Hi There Friends !!
        I just had to share with you some pictures of my MINK !! ... Oops, I mean MINC !!

        Have you tried the latest craze in crafting ?? It is called "foiling" and it is done easily and quickly with a little contraption called the MINC .  This is a type of laminating machine that is adapted for heat transferring beautiful foil onto your papercrafts. Anna Griffin Inc. has developed a tiny 6" version of the larger 12" size machine that you can find at retail stores. It is so portable and handy, and once tried, you will LOVE it !!  I recently received my shipment of the MINC machine along with dozens of foil sheets and also about 150 ANNA GRIFFIN embellishments to color up with it.
        I wanted to share a few pictures with  you and show you how easy it is. Here I made my first embellishment, which is a Happy Birthday tag.
    1. You simply select the embellishment, cut a small piece of foil material to about the same size.

2. You then place the items into the little plastic carrier with the foil on top of the embellishment. The foil will adhere to the Black Toner (laser printer toner) that is on the embellishment. You place it into the front of the machine and some little rollers inside will grab it and run it through to the back of the machine where you will retrieve the finished item .

3. Then you open up the carrier, take the piece out and peel the foil from the item. The will be the foiled embellishment and also the piece of foil with the parts that did not adhere. It dawned on me at this moment that I could also use the "negative" image as an embellishment for something !  Look how pretty it is on the clear plastic film . I am sure I can find a way to place this on a piece of cardstock or vellum and use it. So actually you have TWO - for - ONE with this type of embellishment !!


4. Here is another one that I made in GOLD foil for a Sympathy card -  I am so pleased with this machine !

Another wonderful thing to note about this machine, is that you can print ANYTHING with your own LASER Printer in BLACK TONER, and use it in the machine to make customer embellishments !!

Next time, I will show you how I am using the new HEAT FOIL PEN from ANNA GRIFFIN .  Of course, these items are available in my ETSY SHOP !!   I only have one of each at this time, but hope to be able to get more soon !!
Thanks for looking and God Bless You !
Happy Crafting !!!      Barb

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  1. Have fun with your new toy. Thanks for sharing.
    Crafty hugs,