Friday, May 3, 2013

BUSY BUSY BUSY !!! or..... Confessions of An Over-Committed Scrapper !!

Hello Friends and Fellow Craft Addicts !

    I apologize for being gone so time does fly by quickly !  I have been super busy at work and got involved in more swaps than I should have (again !) so I have not had much time to write to you...I also had to let the Sunday night drawings go by undone. But, never fear !  I will take all of the comments I have received since April 18th and apply them to this week's drawing ...It is a real nice item from Sizzix and is a combination  A2 Embossing Folder and Matching Stamp Set. Here is a photo of it...I love the Butterflies and the Friendship sentiment. It makes your Stamping look 3 D.

   In the meantime, I have been busy making things for partner swaps on the Cricut Message Board and this time I was challenged to make something I had never done before. It is a GI- NORMOUS 4" x8" tag made of Chipboard with 5 additional tags made in a similar theme and attached to the big tag with a Clip. I actually put an insertion pocket on mine in addition to using an altered clothes pin to clip some on , and the smallest tag is attached with a Bronze wire "S" clip and a golden metal chain . Here I will show you the whole packet put together and then each tag laying out separately. 
I used mostly GRAPHIC 45 "STEAMPUNK DEBUTANTE" papers and G45 or TIm Holtz embellishments, but added a few odd things that I had in my stash. Hope my partner will enjoy this "Barb's Handiworks Original"  !! 


  1. you're tags are very pretty! I always love seeing your creations.

    Question, on the folder/stamp set your giving away. are they easy to line up? I've seen them online before and wondered how easy they would be to use.


  2. Thank you ladies ! Beth - they are not difficult to line up as you can see through the Embossing folder to align it to the stamped image. Always stamp first and then emboss. The embossed design in slightly larger as to "encircle" the stamped one and raise it up from the paper slightly. I really like the effect. I did some and took pictures, but it is hard to see in a photograph.

  3. love these hun:) :) you are such an inspiration ty ty

  4. These are beautiful. Steampunk is something I have trouble with. You did a fantastic job. No one would know it was a first time.

  5. Love the tags and the embossing folder/stamp set is awesome!!

  6. Came out beautiful! You did an awesome job!

  7. I love these beautiful tags. Nicely done. TFS.
    I totally understand sometimes it is so hard to find time to do everything.
    D- dmcardmaker (AOL)