Sunday, February 26, 2012

YO HO HO and a BOTTLE of ......GLUE ??!!!

Inspiration comes upon us when we least expect it.... Most successful song writers and poets will tell you that an idea just "pops" into their head in the middle of the night, or during a meal....or some other odd moment. For a Crafter,  it happens often when we are cleaning out our "stash".

I was rummaging through boxes of stored items and ran across a "Captain Morgan Rum" coaster from a visit (who knows when or where) to a local restaurant. It was thick chipboard material with a colorful print of the Captain with a big grin on his face, staring at a bottle of his finest. "AHA"!!  Instantly an idea came into my cloudy little mind. I was looking for items to make my partner on a Cricut Board Swap. It had to be Hand-Made, and I know she likes "pirates" since it is the mascot of the school where she teaches in Louisiana. I was also wanting to use a lot of Black, Red & White colors for her. So I spent about 2 hours creating a small storage box for her, using the coaster on top, and carefully used lots of embellishments to cover up the "booze bottle" and the writings on it. So, I got a chance to use up a lot of my "BURIED TREASURE"  and lots of glue !!   I hope you like it and especially hope that my partner will enjoy it. It will be filled with some other goodies for her .

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