Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Vagabond of a Deal and a Man's Birthday Card !

Yesterday was BIG COUPON DAY at Michael's stores... 50% off up until 4 PM and then a 20% total purchase coupon from 4-8 PM .... Well, I wasn't sure what they would say, but I had my eyes on a Vagabond Electronic machine for a long time and they were $249....so I was waiting for a sale. Everyone knows that Micahel's won't take any coupons on Cricut Machines & Cartridges, but I was not sure what they say about another brand of electronic machine. So, I asked them if they would take the 50% off coupon on this Jim Holtz Vagabond, and they said "sure " !   WOW was I happy... and I had to go home with it knowing that I could not dare take it out of the box until I got the taxes done... I worked until 3 AM !! And.........
Well I finally finished the Taxes (which was very taxing !) and now back to the FUN stuff !.......I found a pad of wonderful gorgeous paper at JoAnn's called "NATURALS" ( it is mostly these incredible shades of brown & copper) with lots of foil designs and just HAD to make a birthday card for my brother with some of it....It is sometimes difficult to find inspiration to make a masculine looking card that does not have pictures of sports equipment on it...I wanted something more formal. I used a real 4x4 square of thin copper metal and embossed it with my new Vagabond ....and an Embossing folder that is from the United Kingdom, which has a lovely repetitive Script of Happy Birthday...I then applied it to some chocolate brown textured Coredinations and cut out a frame in Copper Polka Dots to put over it...I just happened to have some ribbon which is white organdy with copper and gold polka dots on it which was a perfect match to the paper. This was all mounted on a Kraft Cardstock 5x7 card. The inside is lined with the polka dots and a little sentiment from me to him. Hope he likes it !! Now........back to my new toy !!!

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