Thursday, April 28, 2011


WARNING :  The following craft item could cause insomnia and possible bodily harm !!

Okay crafters... I have a serious problem. A couple of months ago I found a MB Swap for Tea Cup Pin Cushions with Stick Pins. I had never made either of them before I thought "Hmmm that looks like fun" , so I joined the group.
Well, I absolutely loved making them and can't seem to stop. There are tea cups all over my Dining Room table waiting to be converted to Pin cushions, and beads  in various little jars, bottles, and plastic boxes. There are cardboard holders on my desk and on my bed with stick pins popping up out of them with the glue drying. I have been making stick pins at night in bed while I watch TV !!  Last night I rolled over on one that had gone "astray " and woke myself up with a pin stuck in my arm !!   AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA - I need help  :>) 
Here is a picture of one of my cardboard holders full of pins I made yesterday and one of my Pin Cushions...this one was made from a cute coffee mug I found with a Cherry design on it and I found some ribbon with cherries and went to work on the red/green pin combinations.
If anyone needs instructions, I can dig up a video tutorial on the pin cushions ~
My prayers go out to those affected by these recent tornadoes and storms...

Have a Blessed Day !

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