Friday, March 8, 2013


Hello Everyone -   I am again sorry to be so late with this...I know that you have all been anxious to hear who the winner of last week's "Simple Cards" cartridge could be....
                              The TRUTH of the matter is that this was a much harder decision than I thought it would be, but I finally employed the help of my Grandchildren and my Dear Hubby to make the decision. So, perhaps it will make you all feel good to know that ALL of your responses were enjoyed very much. Some of them made us all laugh out loud , and some just touched our hearts !
I also had an extremely hard week at work, with many long hours and the Blog and my crafts had to take a back seat to all the work.
                              After much thought, we have decided that the clear winner is Crafty Old Bat !!
Not only did she put a lot of care and thought into her poem, which was clever and entertaining, but the fact that she takes so much time to create cards for our deployed military personnel, was something that deserves recognition, and appreciation. So..... SHARON , I hope this will warm your heart and hands this week as you receive your new cartridge and burn up some Cricut machine blades while you make more fun new cards !!   God Bless you for the time and effort you put into this endeavor ~ 
                            Okay - well - there SHALL be another drawing coming up this Sunday night at midnight, although I have not really selected the prize as yet, but I am thinking of something from my GRAPHIC 45 stash !! 
                           So, between now and then, if you leave a little comment here to congratulate Sharon  (better known on the Cricut Message Board as "COB" ) you will be entered into the drawing for this Sunday night, March 10th !!
                          Many thanks again to all who entered ~  Love and Blessings,  Barbara


  1. Congratulations to Sharon, definitely a well deserved victory! Love the bright new look to your blog too Barbara :D

  2. You're so crafty, you old crafty bat you!

  3. Congrats Sharon!! Enjoy your new toy!
    D- (email follower)
    (Dragonfly50 on MB)

  4. congrats Sharon (COB). I hope you enjoy that cartridge. It looks awesome!

  5. Thanks everyone, I can't wait to use it! Good luck on this week's drawing; I have that folder, it's cute! Thanks again Barb!

  6. Congratulations Sharon! Woo Hoo!

  7. Just wanted to thank you again for the praise of my prose and let you know the cart arrived safely on Saturday!