Friday, February 1, 2013


Okay - So I promised I would keep you posted on my progress in transforming this beat-up old Pine Wood Bathroom Brush/Toilet Paper holder project....
I have the whole thing painted now with this "Burnt Almond" color Behr paint from Home Depot that was left over from me painting the walls that color last year ( nothing like having matched colors !)
I then used some "Eiffel Tower Postage Stamps" cardstock and glued to the back of the door as a "lining" for the open heart cut-outs in the door. Then I cut out the extra large "Eiffel Tower Stamp" and glued it to the front center panel. I have a lot more planned for the front door - so stay tuned for more pictures this coming week !  I also have some designs for the top and sides. I will leave the back plain as it will be up against the wall.
So that is it for tonight, but don't forget to leave me some "kind" words so you will be in the drawing coming up this Sunday night ... I was so excited to see some new members joining this week and I welcome you all !!  ~ Blessings to you !!   Barb


  1. Love what you have done. This is going to be a usable work of art.
    dmcardmaker (at AOL)

  2. Looks great Barb! Can't wait to see it completely finished.