Wednesday, February 27, 2013

CARD MAKERS REJOICE !! (and this week's Blog CandyWInner !)

Hello Everyone !!
         I hope you are all having a week as wonderful as mine... Although they say we have a "cold front" on the way, this winter has been very pleasant here in Central FLorida for the majority of days. We had a lot of rain this morning and it was so nice to be able to "sleep in" until 10 AM and listen t the rain hitting the roof...It was simply divine !  By 11 AM the sun came out from behind the clouds just as warm and glorious as ever !!  But, my apologies to those of you who are currently shoveling snow from your walk-ways and scraping ice from your car every morning. I had enough of those memories from being brought up in Maryland .... so glad my Dad moved us South in the 70's.
        Well, this week's winner of the "Happy Camper" embossing folder is.........PAMELA !! 
Congratulations to you... I believe I have your addy on file - so I shall send it out to you in a few days ! 
          Provocraft has now developed TWO new cartridges for us Card-Makers !!  The first one to be released is called  "SIMPLE CARDS" - and I am offering it up for grabs this Sunday night !!
So, leave me a comment and tell me why you think YOU should win this cartridge... GO ahead - SING YOUR OWN PRAISES !! Ha Ha !!  Really.... I want to know why you want this cartridge so badly that you can TASTE it !   We all love a good chuckle, so make it as funny as you can. ~  In the meantime, here is a photo of the cartridge to whet your appetite ...   "Bon Appetit"


  1. Why? Because like the cart I am simple ;-)

    Thanks Barb for providing so much lovely candy, it really is lovely and generous of you!

  2. Great candy, Barb!! I'd love to win it, because, well.... I've just run out of options on all the other cartridges I have, yes, the thousands of options available... a card maker can never have enough!!!! And this one looks like one that could keep me busy for oh... let's say the next few years!!!!! :o)

  3. What a sweet give away Barb! Thanks for the chance at it.

    I would love to win it because this one looks like a great way to make cards quick when I need a quick card for a deployed soldier to brighten their day. This is a great looking cartridge that has so many possibilities. I'm so glad to see these carts come out!! Thanks again for the chance at it.

    And congrats to Pamela for winning last week.

  4. I think that this is the most original way to win a cartridge I have seen in a long time.....
    Why should you pick me....hmmmmmm...that is a very good question....Well I think you should pick me cause I am cute and kind and I try to spread cheer whenever I can.....kinda lame...but that's all I got...LOL
    Seriously, thanks for the chance to win!

  5. I would love to win so I could make fast and easy cards to cheer my mom who is ill. I spend a lot of my time away from work helping to care for her and have little time to craft now.

    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  6. Barb looks like a great give away.

    Here is my lame attempt: I love chocolate....I dream, I love it, I want it all the time.....I feel about the cartridge the way I feel about chocolate.

  7. I would like to win because I am too cheap this month to buy it.

  8. Congratulations Pamela!

    Great new cartridge. Perhaps if I got a cartridge that practically makes the cards for me, I wouldn't be late sending birthday cards!

  9. Congratulations Pamela!

    Barb~ Love the new cart! Thanks for the chance to win it!

    I'm having a great week but not always so.
    I love making cards as most of you know.
    Some days simple would be so great
    Because everything isn't going first rate.
    When I'm having a bad week or day...
    I try not to cry but usually say,
    Keep calm and craft on!

    Having the Simple Cards cart would help the effort to keep calm greatly! Thanks for the opportunity :)


  10. Ok, why I NEED this cart, is it almost does everything for you, I dont only need directions to do something......I need my cabana boy to come and do it for me, instead of being directionaly challenged I'm crafting challenged, you see, I get lost in a round room, my favorite color is clear. So you see if I had this cart I could have my cabana boy to cut it out for me, but of course I would need to put my special touch, so that it would be my very own creation, I would get my favorite color crayon......crap, that would be clear, and I"m not sure if they make that color just yet, I have sent a million emails to the crayon company, but I think they might think I"m a bit odd. Ok, ya know, if my cabana boy is busy that day I could actualy get my sexy bubba to put it out for me..........NO NO NO I'm not talking about my brother.....(I named my cricut, bubba), so you ask why I named him bubba.....why not, I thought that was a might strong name, seeing my family is from Kentucky.......and YUCK, you would think I would call my brother sexy.....butttttt I do have a mighty perty cousin/grandpa/uncle.....I got a threefer from the one realative........I think I forgot what I was talking about in the first place,....see what I mean when I say I get lost, I even get lost in my ramblings...well, it was sure nice talking to you all, but I gotta run, my husband is hollaring for me, I have to go and use the plunger in the outhouse again........a womens work is never done.........butttttt if I had that new cart, I could go sit in my room, lock the door and make my new sister inlaw to be a perty card, she doesnt get many cards in the old folks home, but then again, she use them to barter for some more chewing lost again.......ok, I just need that darn cart. have a wonder day everyone yeeehawwww

  11. Great giveaway! Why do I deserve it? Well, I'm not sure that I do. I just know that I WANT it!! And I don't have it!! And would treasure it!!

    Thanks for the opportunity for some lucky someone to get a great new cartridge.

  12. I deserve it because it is a good cartridge for card makers like myself.

  13. I consider myself a Cricut hoarder, that's why I need this cRtridge. I love to make cricut cuts and use all my carts. I need to make the girlies in my scrapbook club very jealous!


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  15. Barb, this is sooooo sweet of you! Thank you for the chance!!

    Why do I need this cart? Well, let's just say I am extremely uncreative when it comes to making cards. I think when PC created this cart, they designed it based on how uncoordinated I am at card making. They have seen my attempts and just felt so sorry for me! He! He! He! I love this cart so much and it is on my list of must haves. One last reason is March 31st is my birthday and if I won it that would mean I would finally get a present I wanted that I didn't have to buy myself! LOL!! Hubby and kids just get me gift cards!

    Thanks again!!

  16. Hmmm... why do you want me to win this? Because I spend 8+ months a year locked in my house with 2 kids, watching the snow whip around outside and dreaming of the day I come knocking on your front door with my bags in tow... This might keep me distracted enough to prevent me from buying a ticket on the next plane out! ;)


  17. Okay this is my official redo... I deleted my sorry no excuse for a cute and laughable previous post. I didn't know I'd have to be cute AND laughable until I read it in your MB post. Well I think I'm cute but my family thinks I'm laughable so maybe that'll do it.?.
    As I said in that sad little previous post I would take this cart everywhere I craft.
    BUT what I neglected to add (except in my own little mind. tee hee hee)was that I would take it everywhere with me. We can have pictures taken of us all along our journey if that's what it would take.
    It could make a special guest appearance (or two, or three or...) on my blog.
    I would introduce it to my other cartridges so it would never be lonely.
    I would use it until it cried for mercy.
    I think you get the idea...
    I would LOVE to own this cart.
    Fingers, toes, eyes, nose hairs all crossed.

  18. At cards I fail,
    But strive to prevail..
    This cart I need
    To help me succeed!

    Try as I might
    My phrases aren't right,
    My ink gets all smudged,
    Then my cards are all fudged!

    I send them out the door
    To those fighting the war:
    Give these soldiers a chance
    To get cards that make them dance!

    My cards make them pout,
    They'd make their wives shout
    "Why do you send me such crap?
    You lazy lout!"

    If I won this cart
    I'd certainly score!
    And by giving it to me
    You'd be helping the war!

    COB :)

  19. there is no way that i could compete with what cob wrote so i think my vote goes there..

  20. WOW !! These are all such wonderful reasons ... I wish I could afford to give everybody a cartridge, but alas, my poor husband might succumb....