Saturday, December 24, 2011


 It's after 9 PM on Christmas Eve and my home smells like turkey and pumpkin pie once more....a very welcome and nostalgic scent that takes me back to my childhood.  Cold and snowy nights with the warmth of the oven and Mom turning out dozens of Christmas cookies and her always wonderful pumpkin pies. I wore her old apron today while I prepared the pies and some gingerbread that I had been wanting to bake, and thought of her.... smiling as I remembered the bits of left-over pie die that she would let us form into "cookies" that we sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and popped into the oven alongside her pies. My brother and sister and I would wait anxiously for those to finish baking and when they did, we got to eat them while they were still hot ! We thought that was the grandest thing ! The next morning couldn't come soon enough for us...we would sneak out of our room and tiptoe into the living room while it was barely dawn, only to hear our Dad call out " You kids go back to bed " !  But it was too late... we had seen the evidence already....SANTA HAD COME !! 
    I remember this Christmas in 1957, and the few humble gifts my parents could afford to give their 3 children. This photo may look very unattractive to the children of today, but it was a Heavenly bounty to us !   Looking at these photos makes me so much more grateful for what I have today... and also makes me long for the time when life was sweeter and simpler and more satisfying.  The memory is a Present in itself .... so, Make today a Memory so beautiful that it will last forever~ God Bless !

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