Thursday, September 8, 2011


Well, it seems like all I do anymore is make pin cushions and stick pins ! But really, I am also doing alot of papercrafts too....I just have so many things started that I can't get them all finished...but it will come along soon. I spent today cutting out DRESS FORM TAGS for a SWAP on the Cricut Message Board...a new challenge for me - I bought a Tim Holtz Die to cut them out of cardboard and now I have to do some MAJOR re-upholstery work on them ! Hopefully when I am finished they will look like Vintage Christmas / Holiday Dresses.
But, for now - back to the pin cushions.

I made the first one as a gift for a relative sho has a birthday coming up soon and she loves Halloween, so I found this cute little Pumpkin candy dish and made a pin cushion for her with "candy corn" stick pins and themed ribbon trims.

The second one is also a gift for an aunt who is an avid seamstress and she has a birthday soon....I found a cute although plain white Espresso  cup & saucer and using a tiny travel size sewing kit I transformed it into a Pin Cushion that I hope she will love.

The third one is a blue/silver/white frilly style one for my sister who loves that color scheme. I used a stoneware blue & white coffee mug for that one...powder blue grosgrain ribbons, ruffled lace, and a combo of silk flowers and resin flowers. Coordinating stick pins of course !

Thanks for taking a look at my blog - I will be having a prize drawing coming up shortly !!

~Blessings to All  ~  Barbara

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  1. The pin cushions are wonderful Barb. YOU do great work...I'm sure the rec'vers will enjoy them.