Sunday, May 22, 2011

More stick pin pix for 2 Swaps on the Cricut Message Board

Hi Everybody !   I have spent the day making stick pins and cards are a couple of photos for you.
I am in a Swap for stick pins right now, where I have to make 5 sets of 5 pins and package them as sets. One pin was to be a flower. One pin was to have a charm on it. One pin was to have bead caps. One pin was to be made without any beads. One pin was to have something sparkly on it. I think I have come up with some good ideas here, but I may have to a make a few changes to comply with all the criteria. I messed up and glued a BEAD in the middle of my Cuttlebug Quilled flowers...I meant for it to be the non-beaded pin as well as having no beads on it ! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH !! That's what happens when you are crafting at 2 o'clock in the morning !!
The second one is a pin I made for a PATRIOTIC theme pin-cushion and stick pin exchange. It is a miniature Statue of Liberty cut with a Cricut machine and the Independence Day cartridge. I cut the top off of a 3" pin and after layering the cut with copper foil on top and black textured paper at the bottom and back, I glued it between the layers. The copper color doesn't show real well here, I will try to get a better picture of it when the pin cushion is finished and post it for you .
Well, that's it for tonight. It is 2 AM again and I am not the least bit sleepy ~ but I will be when it is time to getup for church at 8:30 !! 
Toodles !

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